Pastoral Councils

Finance Council

Our Parish Finance Council is mandated by Section 537 of Canon Law. As such, the Parish Finance Council is a consultative body to aid the pastor who represents the parish in all legal matters and who is to administer the goods of the parish in accord with the norms of Canon Law (C. 532). 

In his March 1, 2007 letter announcing the revision of “Called to Stewardship”, (Most Rev.) Francis X. DiLorenzo noted that these norms are issued to help the pastor in his responsibility as the chief steward of the parish. It's Parish Finance Council's responsibility to make certain that sound financial policies and practices are in place in our parish.  

Parish Finance Council members volunteer their time, talent, and expertise to assist the pastor, Parish Pastoral Council, and parishioners to fulfill our parish covenant.  

Parish Finance Council Members

  • Rene Gagnier (540) 989-6927

  • Tim Garrison (540) 989-6540

  • Terry Hauck (540) 989-0141

  • Rita Herbst (540) 989-1125

  • Tom Woods (540) 989-3851

If you would like more information or have any question or concerns, please contact any of the members listed above.

Parish Council

The members of the Parish Pastoral Council of Our Lady of Nazareth commit themselves both individually and collectively before God, our Father, to accomplish goals set forth in the Parish Council Charter.

Having been empowered by the Word of God, formed and nourished by the Sacraments, and made bold by the Holy Spirit, we strive through prayer, education, and service to this parish to make known God’s transforming love to the World, and to deepen our relationship with God, one another, and the Universal Church.

Inspired by the example of Our Lady of Nazareth, we dedicate ourselves to Jesus Christ and to continuing His mission to sanctify, teach, heal, reconcile and serve.

Our Lady of Nazareth Parish Council Members

  • Christine Young,

  • Joe Givens -

  • June Ditillo -

  • John Renick -

  • Michelle Gereaux-Karim -

  • Susanne Huddleston -

  • Tom Dalzell -

  • Carol King -

  • Maureen Van Doren -

  • Gregg Ferguson -

  • Courtney Champagne -

  • John Michaels -