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Our Weekend Mass Schedule: Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 7:30 am, 9:30 am, or 11:30 am.


Welcome to our parish family, Our Lady of Nazareth (OLN). Thank you for visiting us today.  We’d love to welcome you in person and share with all that is going on here: the opportunities for you to know Jesus, to grow in faith, to deepen your prayer life, and join us in serving the Roanoke Valley and beyond.  

For over 100 years, OLN had been among the bright shining lights (Matthew 5: 15) in the Roanoke community and, God willing, we will continue to be so.  Come be part of our next 100 years and shine with us.

Our Lady of Nazareth Family of Faith

If you are seeking a faith community, we pray you find welcome wherever you may go and that you might consider the Catholic Church a home for you. For all of us, as we worship, let us participate as much as we are able in the songs and responses so that our voices can join together to remember and give thanks for the blessings God gives us. Catholics visiting or new to the area? See “Other Information” at the end of this page. Not Catholic? Want to learn more about the Catholic Faith?  Click HERE to learn about our Thursday evening sessions or HERE for links that will take you to many different Catholic educational sites.

The Sunday service (Mass)

The Catholic Mass has two main parts: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

In the Liturgy of the Word, we hear stories from the Bible that tell how God was present in the lives of our ancestors. We then seek to know how God continues to be present in our lives today. We end this part of the Mass with prayers for our world and our community so that God will bring healing and peace to those parts of lives most in need of God’s presence. Click HERE for more information on the Liturgy of the Word.  

In the Liturgy of the Eucharist, we share a meal that recalls the love of Christ for us. By this meal we become united and strengthened to be the love of Christ for others. Click HERE for more information on the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

In the Mass, Catholics believe Christ is fully present and embodied in many ways:

Through the people gathered together; In the Scriptures proclaim, in the ministers of the church and most of all in the consecrated bread and wine that is shared.  Click HERE for more information on the Mass.  

What to do at Mass

Get There:  Try to arrive about 10 minutes or so before the start of the Mass and 30 minutes before Christmas or Easter Mass. This allows you plenty of time to greet others and it gives you some time to center yourself and meditate. Think of it like a birthday dinner for a good friend: you wouldn’t want to walk right in when the dinner starts. You’d want to come by early, wish your friend a happy birthday, and then chat with your other friends at the party before dinner starts.

Holy Water:  The Baptismal Font is located near the entrance. Catholics dip their fingers in the water and make a sign of the cross – “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” The water reminds them of the sacrament of Baptism and unites them with Christ, who said “all you who are thirsty, come to the water.” The water is called “holy” simply because it is blessed.

What happens in the service?

Not only is your participation vital to making all of that happen, but it also will make your experience of the Mass much more exciting. There is a booklet on the table as you enter with a guide that explains the service and has some of the responses for the service. On the reverse side of this guide is an introduction to Catholicism including “What’s inside a Catholic Church,” gestures you may see, the sacraments, and much more. There is also a guide in the front of the song book that explains what is happening, what to say, when to sit/stand/kneel and much more. 

Mass Manners:  Mass is like any social event…. unless you expect a call from God, it’s a good idea to keep the cell phones turned off (or set to vibrate if you have an emergency situation).  At OLN some dress formally, some more casual.  All are welcome! 

After Mass:  Please visit with others after Mass.  We would love to hear your story.  Normally we have donuts and coffee in our Fellowship Hall following the Sunday Masses.  Please join us. Ask us questions, introduce yourself, grab a doughnut and coffee!

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Can non-Catholics receive the Eucharist?  Click HERE for information on receiving the Eucharist.  

What should someone do that is not Catholic during the Eucharistic procession? At Our Lady of Nazareth we invite you to either stay seated or come forward with your arms and hands crossed over your chest to receive a blessing.

Other information

Nursery:  We have a nursery for children under 3 years old.  You are welcome to head down the hall, turn right and go down to the nursery.  There is a check in sheet and wonderful nursery workers ready to play with your little one. 

Children’s Church (Children’s Liturgy of the Word):  At most Masses we offer Children’s Liturgy of the Word.  If your child is between the ages of 4 and 3rd grade they are welcome to dismiss with the children right before the Liturgy of the Word (the bible readings for the service).  They return after the Homily (the sermon).Want to get more involved?  We have many opportunities for faith formation from bible studies to daily Mass, Adoration to volunteering for ministry opportunities.  Please check out our website for the varied choices: 

Outreach Ministries:  HERE

Information about Adult Faith Opportunities: HERE

Summer Activities:

Additional Prayer Opportunities: HERE

Children’s Faith Formation:

Ages 3 - 12

Middle School

High School