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To see Pope Francis' response to the clerical sex abuse: HERE



Fr. Joe's homily in response to the scandal:  HERE.  



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Dedication Mass


June 17, 2018.  

Click HERE to see the Mass.  

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Fr. James O'Reilly

Here for a video Here Fr. James. story

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Dear Parishioners,  Cyber-crime is hitting dioceses nationwide.  Criminals are setting up fraudulent email addresses, with very similar spellings on yahoo, gmail, etc., and sending messages that APPEAR to be coming from the pastor.  If/when you receive an email that shows it is from Fr. Joe as the sender and it is requesting you to purchase a gift card, rest assured that it is a scam!   Please do not transfer funds or send gift cards to people requesting it online.  Cyber-crime reporting:  ic3.gov/default.aspx.